This is a WV-specific calendar intended to keep track of timelines on the board. Please add Landmark Events as necessary. We will be depending on members to keep this calendar as up-to-date as possible! If something significant occurs on the boards that is not listed here, please feel free to add it.

Month 9: KingswayEdit

  • 10 - Remembrance Day festivities begin to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Fifth Blight's defeat.  A tournament is held.
  • 16 - Masquerade Ball is held in the Denerim

Month 10: Harvestmere

  • 7 - Massacre at Bann Aneirin's estate near Gwaren is discovered.  Rumors spread that the Dalish are responsible.
  • 12 - Siege of Ironbrook.  Jacob Addison is branded a traitor for his role in it.
  • 21 - After the bann's murder, a bounty is placed on a Dalish clan on Chantry boards.  Human/elven racial tensions begin to rise.
  • 25 - Assassination attempt on Teyrn Fergus Cousland

Month 11: Firstfall

  • 2 - Arrests are made for the the assassination attempt on Fergus Cousland
  • 6 - The instigators of the rumors about the Dalish clan being responsible for a bann's death are executed.
  • 9 - Aedan Cousland leads an expedition into the Wastes to investigate darkspawn sightings.
  • 27 - Assassination attempt on King Bhelen Aeducan of Orzammar

Month 12: HaringEdit

  • 27 - Eamon Guerrin has a severe stroke.