This is a WV-specific calendar intended to keep track of timelines on the board. Please add Landmark Events as necessary. We will be depending on members to keep this calendar as up-to-date as possible! If something significant occurs on the boards that is not listed here, please feel free to add it.


  • The forum skipped forward one year, meaning a limited amount of threads/events happened between Kingsway of 32 Dragon and August of 33 Dragon.

9:33 DragonEdit

Annum: First DayEdit

Month 1: Wintermarch

Annum: Wintersend

Month 2: GuardianEdit

Month 3: DrakonisEdit

Month 4: CloudreachEdit

Annum: Summerday

Month 5: BloomingtideEdit

Month 6: JustinianEdit

Month 7: SolaceEdit

Annum: FunalisEdit

Month 8: AugustEdit


Month 9: KingswayEdit

Month 10: HarvestmereEdit

Annum: SatinaliaEdit

Month 11: FirstfallEdit

  • 3 - Malone Kincade resigns as Arl of Denerim due to a sudden decline in health
  • 12 - Arl Eamon Guerrin passes away in his sleep after a long illness
  • 30 - Eamon's funeral is held in the Royal Palace

Month 12: Haring

  • 14 - Fiona Howe, wife of Nathaniel Howe and Arlessa of Amaranthine, is murdered in Denerim.
  • 21 - Ariadne Harding of Ellesmere is appointed Arl of Denerim