Biographical information Photo
Name: Adara Carey (Female)
Date of Birth (Age): 11 Wintermarch, 9:05 Dragon (29)
Place of Birth: Amaranthine
Home: Soldier's Peak
Occupation: Grey Warden
Misc: Spirit Healer
Languages: Common
Character Profile:
Physical information
Species: Elf
Height: 5'1" (1.55 meters)
Weight: Slender, approximately 41 kg
Hair: Long, fine, and pale blonde
Eyes: Dark brown
Other: Elven features including a high-bridged nose and heart-shaped face. Also bears a large shiny pink-red burn scar across her right shoulder and neck, reaching her lower jaw. The burn scar is bisected on her shoulder by another jagged scar from a knife wound.
Marital Status: Married semi-officially to Carver Hawke
Spouse Carver Hawke
Children None
Mother Toviah Carey
Father Avram Carey
Siblings Levi, Miriam, and Ezra Carey
Profile Updates
  • She has joined the Grey Wardens and is no longer an apostate. She no longer wears a raggedy tunic and tends to dress in Warden blues or in her small collection of modest dresses
  • New spells added: Lightning, Winter's Grasp, Mind Blast
Important Events
  • Carver Hawke - Her close friend, fellow Grey Warden, and lover, Adara shares a very deep bond with him and loves him beyond sense.
  • Anders - The man responsible for sheltering her at the Keep as an apostate and putting her through the Joining when she was dying, Adara feels as though she owes him a debt she can never repay. The two have a close relationship that is almost sibling-like.
  • Kahrin Quirke - Kahrin helped give Adara some combat training tips when she was a guard at the Keep, and the women developed a fairly close friendship over time.
  • Marius Whitby - A guardsman at Vigil's Keep who Adara considers closer than a brother. She was sad to leave him behind when she went to Soldier's Peak, but she still writes to him and his wife very frequently.
  • Fiagai - A Grey Warden with whom Adara had a casual sexual relationship. Time and circumstance turned it into something more, and Fiagai convinced Anders to Join her rather than let her die of darkspawn taint. After a tumultuous relationship with lots of heartbreak and bad choices, the two parted ways. Adara still loves him a great deal. Fiagai died in the Deep Roads on a recent expedition, and Adara is heartbroken by the loss.