Biographical information Photo
Name: Anders (Male)
Date of Birth (Age): Firstfall 22, 8:99 (34)
Place of Birth: Anderfels
Home: Denerim
Occupation: Grey Warden, Healer, General Pain-in-the-Arse
Misc: Anders is a prominent member of the Mages Collective

Anders is a fairly devout Andrastian, though he believes the Chantry gets things wrong Anders is an Aequitarian

Languages: Native speaker of Anders, Fluent in Common, Functional in Orlesian, some Tevene
Character Profile:
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 145
Hair: Suspiciously Ginger/Blond
Eyes: Honeyed Brown
Other: Considerable wear and tear from mistreatment by templars, living as an apostate, and life as a Grey Warden
Marital Status: Complicated
Spouse (formerly) Kahrin Quirke
Children n/a
Mother Lyuba
Father Modest
Siblings Sera (sister). Ilia (brother)
Profile Updates
  • Anders has recently lost contact with his friend and former lover, Karl Thekla.
  • Anders dissolved his marriage after his wife's affair in Bloomingtide, 9:34.
Important Events
  • To the World Gone Away - Anders and Nathaniel speak for the first time in quite some time. It... goes.
  • Have You Listened to Me Lately? - Anders asks Kahrin to run away to the Marches with him. She tells him no.
  • Say A Prayer - During a Grey Warden mission, Anders combats his fears, and reconnects with an old friend.
  • This Is How A Heart Breaks - Anders shares his Manifesto with Kahrin, and asks her to help him. She say no and confesses to an affair.
  • Tango's Not Meant For Three - Anders meets Arl Connor Ainsley, his wife's lover. He and Kahrin end their marriage.
  • Otherness - Anders and Nathaniel Brood: Part Wev of an Ongoing Series.
  • Nathaniel Howe - Warden-Commander and Arl of Amaranthine. Anders and Nathaniel's friendship is currently strained, though it is gaining ground, slowly.
  • Adara Carey - Once friends in the Circle, Anders considers her a close confidante and sister. Anders hid Adara at Vigil's Keep as a mundane healer until she was tainted by a blood mage. He Joined her into the Wardens without permission.
  • Vaia - A dear friend, prickly though she may be.
  • Kahrin Quirke - Anders met the guardswoman at Vigil's Keep. They had a somewhat volatile though largely happy relationship. They married in secret in Haring, 9:33, and dissolved it after her affair in Bloomingtide, 9:34. Their relationship is strained.
  • Ferdinand Winters - Fellow member of the Mages Collective.