Andrew Banvard

Character ProfileEdit

Andy's character profile is located here.
Changes not listed on his profile are as follows:


  • Heavy Chainmail Armour, shoulder pauldrons outlined with the sky blue of Edgewater, estoile marked on the breast plate. Commissioned by Bann Malone.


  • Rally - taught to him by Malone Kincade in the thread: Hair of the Dog.
  • Dual Weapon Sweep - taught by Ser Ivar in the thread: Another Day, Another Life.
  • Pick Pocketing - taught by Linette Botten.


  • The Tales of Dorjan Rapp, given to him by Aerion Hunter in the the thread: Sword to Shield.
  • A fishing rod which he packed before leaving Edgewater after the thread: Where Do We Go From Here.
  • A handkerchief embroidered with his initials and a crossed sword and dagger, given to him by Olivia in the thread: Steal Away the Night.
  • Belt knife, purchased from Curios & Curiosities in the thread: Closing the Divide.
  • The Tales of the Black Fox, given to him by Evelyn Kincade in the thread: Tater Tots.
  • A curved dagger with blue inlaid handle, given him by Nicolette O'Hara
  • Cloak pin shaped like a dragon's head with a blue gem eye, given to him as a betrothal gift by Blythe Kincade.

Short Stories Every now and then I write a story to expand upon Andy's background or character development.

Significant Recent EventsEdit

After traveling to Denerim with Bann Malone, Andy returned to Edgewater to find his life come undone. His relationship with the bann’s youngest sister was revealed and he faced the choice between accepting his knighthood and an arranged marriage or throwing away his lifelong dream. Choosing the latter, Andy left Edgewater and traveled to Highever where he took a job with the guard.

During his time in Highever, he worked on both reconciling his past mistakes and securing his future. He aided the town of Highever during the attempt to assassinate Teyrn Fergus, he acted as a guard during regular patrols, a few of which he led, and he joined the team headed for the Wastes to eradicate a darkspawn threat.

Socially he struggled to make and keep friends, finding it difficult to connect with people had had not known all his life. He befriended the former werewolf, Aerion, Highever Scout, Linette, the leatherworker, Demelza, and the teyrn’s companion Rae. He also met Olivia, a five foot mage who not only captured his interest, but listened to his hopes and his worries.

Just as Andy had reconciled himself to being a good guard, putting his all into what he considered a worthy job, his past came to find him in the form of his former best friend Evelyn Kincade (Blythe’s sister), and the bann himself. Andy met with both parties. He restored his friendship with Evelyn and reconciled with Bann Malone. The bann offered him his knighthood and Andy accepted. He is now formally a knight of Edgewater and is currently stationed in Highever for the period of a year.

Blythe's arrival in Highever threatened to tip the delicate balance Andy had strived to achieve. Pregnant with Andy's baby, Blythe left the chantry in order to find him. They reconciled, decided they were in love and planned to wed. They were married on Summerday, in Edgewater, and just over a month later, on the third day of Justinian, they welcomed their daughter, Lily, to the world.

In Dragon 33, Andy is stationed in Denerim. He lives at the Arl's Estate with his wife and three children.

Changes to AppearanceEdit

During the battle in the caves outside Highever (11-2) Andy was wounded when an arrow becomes lodged in his left upper arm. He has a small scar there.

During the riots at the docks when plague gripped Highever, someone attempted to gut Andy with a kitchen knife. He has a jagged scar across his left hip.


Bann Malone KincadeEdit

Andy entered service to Bann Malone Kincade as a page at age nine. The young bann approached the Banvards with the offer of taking their youngest son as a squire out of gratitude for Clifton Banvard's part in defending Edgewater from a bandit attack. The elder blacksmith was gravely injured during the attempt to protect his lord, the elder Bann Kincade, Malone's father.

A few days before he was made a knight, Andy deserted his post, leaving the service of the Kincade family and his hometown of Edgewater.

The bann and Andy have since reconciled and Andy had returned to the service of his lord as a full knight of Edgewater.

Blythe KincadeEdit

The youngest sister of Bann Malone, Blythe Kincade was a frequent sparring partner and close friend of Andy's during his time in Edgewater. After the youngest knight, Ser Anthony, tried to force his affections on Blythe, she sought her friend, Andy, for comfort and support. They became romantically involved and spent one night together, just before Andy left for Denerim in the company of Bann Malone. During hs time away, Andy's feelings for Blythe deepened and he looked forward to formally courting her upon his return to Edgewater. He obtained permission from the Bann to do so. When Bann Malone discovered they had slept together, he did not take the news well. Under tense questioning from her brother, Blythe admitted her reasons for entering a relationship with Andy were self serving, leaving the young squire heartbroken, disillusioned and with the impression that his actions had caused him to dishonour both the Kincade family and himself. Given the choice of accepting his knighthood and an arranged marriage to a woman who did not return his affections, Andy abandoned his lifelong dream of being a knight and left his first love and his only home behind.

Learning she was pregnant with Andy's child, Blythe left the chantry and traveled to Highever to seek reconciliation with Andy. The pair have reconciled and fallen in love all over again. They plan to raise thier child together. One day they might do the right thing and get married. Andy is determined it will happen at a time of their own choosing, however. Yes, he's still a stubborn fool.

Linette BottenEdit

Andy met Linette while keeping watch on the journey to Highever. They did not get along at first, but after she helped he and Ferren steal a flute for Kali, he thanked her. After the caravan was attacked by bandits, Andy and Linette talked about what it meant to kill for the first time and developed a tentative friendship. He sought to renew their acquaintance upon his return to Highever. Andy enjoys Linette's sense of humour and respects her intelligence. He considers her a friend and would go out of his way to make her happy. When Linette revealed the true idenity of her boyfriend, a rift formed in their friendship that took a while to be repaired.

After the Wastes, Andy and Linette put aside their differences and resumed thier friendship. Then, Linette met Blythe. Andy had hoped his good friend and his girlfriend would get along. His hopes were dashed by a disastrous evening and were been further trampled by his efforts to make ammends.

Since his move to Denerim, Andy and Linette resumed an acquaintanceship of a sort.

Nicolette O’HaraEdit

When Andy escorted Nicolette to visit a former Crow in the dungeon of Castle Cousland, he found himself wondering why a nice young woman would want to talk and assassin. Now he’d say she sought a story and she certainly got one. The assassin had killed children and priests. Andy met Nicolette again in the market place while she told a different tale, the more heroic sort about a man who put down reanimated skeletons and defeated evil enchanters.

No matter the story, though, Andy likes the minstrel and has befriended her in the only way he knows how – by keeping up his ready supply of blushes and demonstrating his endless patience. Besides visiting her at the tavern where she performs, he has encouraged her to train with him at the castle. So far, every visit has resulted in a story, those told and the sort that play out in life. He will be sad to see her move on and might sneak a note or two of his own into the love letters penned by his page, Damien.

Iain MacKinnonEdit

Andy and Iain have an easy friendship based on mutual interests and care for the same circle of people. Iain is allowed to nap on Andy's couch, when Andy isn't around.

Maeva OmdalEdit


Plots and ThreadsEdit

Wet Dreams (Story) Andy takes a trip to the Fade
(Story) A Moustache Called Justice Andy’s moustache gains sentience
Diplomatic Immunity (AU) Andy and Erna meet in a parallel universe which looks a lot like... Orlais
The Path to Enlightenment Andy finds a helpful book
Diplomatic Immunity II: Lost in Space (AU) Andy and Erna journey into space

Summer Holiday Andy and Blythe set sail to catch a Leviathan

Stories of the PastEdit

Sticks and Stones Andy, Erick, Evie and Bit play Rebels vs. Orlesians (Age: 12)
Gone Fishing Andy, Erick and Blythe go fishing (Age: 16)
Making a Mess of Things Andy helps Evelyn with her experiments (Age: 17)
It’s For a Friend Erick has a rash, Andy visits Evie for the cure (Age: 18)

Dragon 31


Loser Treats Andy and Blythe kiss for the first time
Shh! Quiet in the Library Andy and Blythe try to be quiet in the library
The Conversation (Story) Andy asks his brother, Pat, for advice
Remember Me Andy and Blythe, the night before he leaves for Denerim
Something Happened on the Way to Denerim Andy and Mal travel to Denerim
Country Boys in the Capital Andy and Mal arrive in Denerim
Second Helpings Diago and Oriphiel mess with Andy and Mal
Injured! As in me, as in OW! Andy and Mal are injured so they get drunk. Makes sense, right?
Hair of the Dog The Hangover. Includes raucous vomiting, training and another visit from Diago and Oriphiel
Among Friends Dinner at the palace
Akimbo Andy spars with Rae and she is scared for life
About Sparring this Morning Andy explains Rae’s new scar. Mal has other news
In the Wee Hours Andy keeps watch with Tony and Lin


Daydreaming & Stargazing Andy keeps watch with Ferren, Lin... assists
A Knife in the Back Bandits attack the caravan to Highever
The Teyrn’s Shield Andy follows orders
Open Up the Ground Andy and Lin talk about death and love
Burdened Andy tries to chat to Rae
A Nice and Friendly Chat Andy and Fergus have a nice and friendly chat
Too Long Away Andy and Mal return to Edgewater
Where do we go from here? The WORST DAY EVER (Mal catches Andy and Bit kissing)
Pissed Andy returns to Highever and proceeds to get pissed
Seen Better Days The Hangover. Andy asks Ser Loras for a job
Dog-Ma Andy meets Demelza
Angling Andy meets Ser Rhiannon
Nowhere Men Andy meets his partner, Aerion
To Market Andy and Aerion patrol, they run into Lin
Boss Lady Andy spars with Tony
Summoned Fergus summons Andy for a chat that might not be so nice and friendly
Sword to Shield Andy and Aerion on patrol, Aerion shares in interesting story
From the Frying Pan into the Fire Andy attempts to be a friend to Linette
Pocket Change Linette shows Andy how to pick a pocket
A Simple Shopping Trip Andy meets Olivia
Bleeding and Broken Hearts Assassination attempt on Fergus
Gathering Friends Andy gathers Ferren’s friends and they escort the guard to the dungeon to visit Kali
Watching and Waiting Andy and Aerion patrol, Andy confirms the truth about Aerion
Bad News Bears Andy, Aerion and Lin are the bearers of bad news.
Is That a **** In Your Pocket? Pickpocket lesson number two. Andy attempts to pick the pocket of a former werewolf
A Breath of Fresh Air Andy gives Olivia some dagger lessons
Those Damned Kincades Andy requests an audience with Jenna and learns Bit was sent to the chantry
Whiskey in the Jar Andy goes out drinking with Aerion
So… You’re a Woman, Right? Andy asks Rhia for advice
Suitable Accommodations Andy and Aerion on duty


Anchorless Andy takes a tour aboard Bann Alfstanna’s ship
Steal Away the Night Andy takes Olivia to the Satinalia festival
The Boy and the Wolf Andy and Aerion look for clues after Kali’s escape
Paint it Black Andy and Aerion track Kali to Ferren’s house
The Justice League Andy, Ivar and Rhiannon track bandits to the caves
We Can Explain, Ser… Andy and Aerion try to explain why they are not in the dungeon looking for clues (they’re a little bloodied and charred)
Secret Lovers Linette reveals the identity of her boyfriend
Change (Story) Andy ruminates over Lin’s revelations and comes to a decision
Livin’ On the Edge Andy and Aerion patrol, spar and meet the Warden
Agree to Disagree Andy confronts Diago
Avoid This A rude awakening
Another Day, Another Life Ivar gives Andy some sparring lessons
Good People Andy and Leliana chat on the beach
Good Times, Bad Times Farewell, Aerion
Maybe Someday Andy meets Mysaria
Lost in a Cherished Memory Andy meets another daydreamer; they fight bandits and exchange stories
Stuck in a Barrel A damsel rescues an Andy-in-distress
Sequestered Nooks Andy and Rae chat in the library
I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye Andy and Olivia, the night before he leaves for the Wastes
An Uneasy Stillness Ambush in the Dragonbone Wastes
Finish What We Start Monsters in the Wastes
In My Place (Story) Andy returns from the Wastes
In My Place Olivia catches up with Andy the day after his return from the Wastes
Kittens! Andy takes Olivia to meet Nigel’s kittens
Closing the Divide Andy and Linette repair their friendship
Apologies and Admonishments Andy escorts Nicolette to the dungeon to visit Rodrigo
Lifetime Ago Andy escorts Rae to the alienage for a meeting
An Idle Afternoon Andy meets Serafina MacKinnon
Old Friends Evelyn arrives in Highever, she and Andy sort their differences
Not such a Gentleman As he’s already in the castle, Andy visits Olivia


Words Said Bann Malone and Andy exchange words
Fulfillment of a Dream Andy achieves his dream
Finding Some Nice Strong Wood (Furniture) Andy helps Lin pick out a couch, Diago helps carry it home
Tater Tots Andy and Evelyn attempt to cook potatoes, Olivia attempts a rescue
How’s Tricks? Andy and Demelza catch up
Ruh Roh, (R)Andy! Andy and Evie attempt to solve a crime, Lin solves it
To Let Him Down Easy Andy and Linette meet Zoe Chanteur
Page Turner Andy stops to hear Nicolette tell a story
Scary Sharp Andy and Damien instruct Nicolette in the care and use of her daggers
I’m Sorry (Story) Andy and Olivia go their separate ways
A Friend is a Friend Andy takes Evelyn out for dinner, they catch up with Nicolette
The Couch Andy builds Evie a hen house and meets ‘this’ Iain, the fight over his couch
The Odd Couple Andy and Diago are on patrol together, in a tavern, with ale
Shooting Blanks Andy, Evelyn and Nicolette take an archery lesson
Unwind Andy takes Rae out for dinner, Linette and complication ensue
Puppy Love Evelyn asks Andy to care for a stray puppy
Reunited Aerion returns to Highever

Dragon 32


Fruit Salad First Day. Andy takes Nicolette to lunch at Evie and Iain’s place
Dog Days Nicolette helps Andy train his puppy, Damien puts his two bits in
Remember That One Time Nicolette helps Andy and Diago pursue smugglers
Interview with a Pirate Andy and Diago interview Lorenzo. Nicolette complicates the issue
Keelhauling Andy and Diago escort Lorenzo to the castle for further questioning
Do you Remember? Andy and Blythe are reunited
Come Fly with Me Panicking about Blythe’s return and impending fatherhood, Andy seeks help from a bottle of brandy and Linette
The Letter Andy and Blythe write a letter to Bann Malone. Before finishing it, they properly reconcile. (Properly ;))
Tea is for Tension Rae invites Andy to tea
Good News (Letter) Andy writes a letter home
So You’re the One I’ve Heard So Much About Andy takes a new guard on patrol
The Sweet Spot Andy offers Nicolette a last lesson before she departs Highever
Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? Andy, Evelyn and Blythe attempt to cook dinner for Iain
Plague Ship A ship flying the plague flag is spotted in the harbour
The Sleepover Andy and Blythe spend their first night together
An Angry Mob An angry mob descends on the docks during the plague. Linette and Calen help Andy defend the ship
Scar Tissue Andy is injured during the riot. Blythe cleans his wounds and comforts him
Something Sick This Way Comes Linette falls ill during the plague. Diago and Andy tend her


Head on My Pillow Andy asked Blythe to move in with him
Back to Front Andy and Blythe meet with Bann Malone to talk about the future. No, it doesn’t go well...
Sodding Supplies Andy meets Oghren!
Topsy Turvy Bann Malone pries an inebriated Andy from a wall and the pair finally have a good chat
Recipe for Disaster Andy and Blythe invite Linette for dinner
She’s My Girl Andy introduces Nicolette to Blythe
The Last to Know Andy confronts Evelyn about the test
The Yellow Brick Road Linette and Andy do not reconcile their differences
Can You Hear Something? Andy hatches a stupid plan to scare the girls into getting along
Date Night It’s Andy and Blythe’s first official ‘date’, things don’t go as planned
Staying In After a disastrous first date, Andy and Blythe elect to meet Aerion at their inn


The Perfect Present Andy visits Evie for her birthday
The Wayward Son Andy greets Ser Loras as he returns to Highever, then escorts Rae in the market
All Before Me is Shadow Andy meets Galbraith and Guardswoman Sutharlan
The Proposal Andy proposes to Blythe


To Catch a... Fish? Andy and Kira conduct a little guard business on the way to the docks
Fish and Chips Dinner at Evie and Iain’s house
Tour of Duty Andy introduces Kira to the Highever Guard
A Token for my Knight Blythe gives Andy a token of her love
It’s a Bit of an Ask (Letter) Andy invites Nicolette to his wedding (she accepts!)
Little Bird Lost Andy and Iain meet Wrenna Hammond while out on patrol
House Hunters A tour of where NOT to live in Highever
Walk Beside Me Andy and Lin attempt to repair their friendship
Waitin’ on the Dock of the Bay Andy and Kira attempt to foil a smuggling ring
Many Happy Returns Blythe’s birthday. Sex with strawberries, éclairs and...
Lean On Me Blythe is feeling insecure about her pregnancy and her shape
Sail Away with Me Andy and Blythe sail to West Hill in preparation for their wedding
A Little Madness in the Spring Andy joins Nicolette and Leliana for archery practice
Jitterbugs Blythe experiences last minute nerves
In This Kingdom by the Sea Andy and Blythe are married
Better Together After the wedding


Destinations Cravings and odd visitors
Plans for the Future Blythe reveals Malone’s plans for the future
The Quiet Road Andy and Blythe decide to put the future off for a while
Off Duty Andy and Kira meet for a drink
Lost Socks (Story) Andy loses Iain’s cat


Welcome to the World Lily is born
Three Swords and a Dagger Andy competes in the Summer Tournament
A Bit of Magic in Everything Andy and Blythe celebrate Kahrin’s victory


Family Ties A quiet evening at the arl’s estate
Down a Dark Alley Andy meets Lin down a dark alley

Dragon 33Edit


And Baby Makes Five The new and improved Banvard family takes a trip to the market
In Between Dreams Andy meets Maeva