Becoming a Ferelden Grey Warden on Warden's Vigil must be achieved through roleplay. Players are welcome to express their interest in becoming a Warden to Adara via PM or on the Grey Warden Planning board.

Potential Wardens will be evaluated by the moderators for board presence, commitment to plotting, and IC suitability to the Order. Successful candidates will be invited (OOC) by Staff to join the Grey Wardens, and an IC situation for recruitment will be plotted out.

By requesting to become a Grey Warden, you agree that:

  • Your character will be a regular presence on the boards
  • You understand that as part of a military organization, your character must report to superior officers and obey commands given by them. You may not be able to pursue plots external to the Order if they contradict the Order's IC role/requirements.
  • You will verify plots with Staff (e.g., Warden missions) to make sure it is something that would be assigned IC by the Grey Warden leadership.

Grey Warden Structure - Current structure of the Fereldan Grey Wardens