Biographical information Photo
Name: Cauthrien MacLean (Female)
Date of Birth (Age): 3 Harvestmere, 2 Dragon (32 years in 34 Dragon)
Place of Birth: Farmstead north of Gwaren
Home: Grey Warden compound in Denerim
Occupation: Warden Constable of Ferelden Grey Wardens
Misc: Unknown
Languages: Common and a bit of Orlesian
Character Profile:
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Athletic Build
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Other: None
Marital Status: Single
Spouse n/a
Children None
Mother Unknown
Father Conal MacLean
Siblings Eight sisters: 4 younger, four older. All deceased or presumed so. Natalia (Natty, Older); Meghan & Darcy (Younger)
Profile Updates
  • Cauthrien now bears a thin scar that extends almost the full circumference of her throat, a gift from a stealthed genlock in the Deep Roads beneath Redcliffe. She makes no attempt to hide it under most circumstances, but unlike most of the other scars she bears, she will not readily talk about how it was received.
Important Events
  • Cauthrien parted company with the mercenary company she had been working for, the Blooded Blades, south of Lake Calenhad when she discovered that their leader, Jacob Blake, intended to sell the outlaw elves they had been hired to track down to Tevinter slavers, rather than turning them in to be tried for their crimes.

She traveled north to Rainesfere to warn Bann Teagan about the possibility of slaver activity within his lands. For reasons of his own, the Bann offered her the opportunity to enter his service, and she accepted, viewing it as a chance to begin to atone for her crimes during the Blight.

She was assigned to protect the new seneschal, Breanna Tierney, on a trade mission to Edgewater: a journey that wound up being extended all the way to Denerim. The ship taking the from Highever to Denerim sank in an early winter storm off the coast of Amaranthine. Cauthrien was separated from Breanna and swept out to sea where she was rescued by an outbound cargo ship, the Celestine. The harshness of southern seas in the winter kept the ship from returning to Ferelden, so Cauthrien spent the next three months on board the ship as a deckhand, becoming a passable sailor in the process.

The call of duty could not be silenced, however, so when the ship docked in Amaranthine, Cauthrien went ashore to discover what she could of Breanna's fate. In town, she learned that Breanna had survived and been taken care of by the Grey Wardens. Traveling to Vigil's Keep, she was surprised first to find Nathaniel Howe as the Arl and Warden Commander, then again when he offered her the hospitality of the Keep and the opportunity to travel to Highever with his group to meet Breanna at Teyrn Cousland's wedding.

Soon after returning to Teagan's service, however, she was dismissed by him over concerns that lingering hostility toward her could endanger the life of Breanna, whom he had recently acknowledged as his daughter. Cauthrien was intercepted by Nathaniel Howe as she left Highever to find a ship to sign on with. He offered her the opportunity to join the Grey Wardens, an offer she accepted, and in the years since, she has risen to the rank of Warden-Constable, Nate's second in command and ranking Warden at the compound in Denerim.

When the Grey Wardens entered the Deep Roads beneath Redcliffe to deal with darkspawn that had taken several women, Cauthrien had her throat slashed by a genlock who attacked her from behind. She died, but was resurrected by Maya and the other Warden mages, leaving her with a scar on her neck and a strong dislike of having anyone behind her.

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  • Nathaniel Howe - Cauthrien's closest friend, commanding officer and potential suitor.
  • Breanna Guerrin - Cauthrien considers Bree her best friend outside of the Wardens, and is quite protective of her, a holdover from the days when she served as her guard.
  • Maya Turan - Her spell brought Cauthrien back to life in the Deep Roads, a debt that the Warden-Constable will not forget
  • Fergus Cousland - He's sleeping with Nathaniel and courting Breanna. Cauthrien has no freaking idea what to think. This wasn't covered in basic training.
  • Teagan Guerrin - She respects him greatly, and the tension between them that led to his dismissal of her have been largely resolved