Political & Miltary FiguresEdit


  • Ariadne Harding - Arlessa of Denerim


Important NPCsEdit

  • King Alistair Theirin

Grey Warden CompoundEdit


  • Nathaniel Howe
  • Cauthrien MacLean



Important NPCsEdit

  • Elder (Hahren) -
  • Elven Store Owner -
  • Alienage Clinic Healer -

Denerim Alienage OrphanageEdit

  • Lisim - Matron. Thin, grandmotherly, practices tough love but really cares for her kids

The MarketplaceEdit

PC MerchantsEdit

  • Vitor Haraqui - Sells variety of arms and armor, low-medium quality

Important NPCsEdit

  • Chantry Officials:
  1. Mother Perpetua
  2. Chanter Rosamund
  3. Sister Justine
  4. Sister Theohild

Denerim TavernsEdit

Gnawed Noble TavernEdit

  1. Edwina
  2. Bartender

The Lusty LadyEdit

The Musty MugEdit

The Plastered BastardEdit

The Salty SeamanEdit

  • Dockside Tavern

Denerim InnsEdit

Appeleon InnEdit

The Gilded CopperEdit

Prancing Pony InnEdit

Denerim VendorsEdit

General Store Owners:Edit

Food Vendors:Edit

Miscellaneous Specialty Vendors:Edit

  1. Liselle, a flower merchant.
  2. Gorim, a merchant.
  3. Cesar, a merchant.
  4. Hermione, owner of Hermione's Dress Shop
  5. Sabir Hariri, owner of The Tanned Hide
  6. Udencho, Apothacary
  7. Simone, Proprietess of Duffy's Lingerie
  8. Look up name, Poison Vendor


Important NPCsEdit

Important LinksEdit

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