In addition to the familiar locations in Ferelden, new places have been added relating specifically to some character's backgrounds. Below is a list of new and old locations.


Teyrns arose from among the banns, war leaders who, in antiquity, had grown powerful enough to move other banns to swear fealty to them. There were many of these in the days before King Calenhad, but he succeeded in whittling them down to only two: Gwaren in the south and Highever in the north. These teyrns still hold the oaths of banns and arls. They may call upon them in the event of war or disaster and they are responsible for defending those sworn to them.


The teyrns established the arls, giving them command of strategic fortresses that the teyrns could not oversee themselves. They are somewhat more prestigious than banns but they have no banns sworn to them.

  • Denerim - Arlessa Ariadne Harding
  • Amaranthine - Warden Commander Nathaniel Howe
  • Redcliffe - Arl Teagan Guerrin
  • South Reach - Arl Leonas Bryland
  • Western Hills - Arl Eadric Adler
  • Dragonreach - Arl Connor Ainsley


Each freehold chooses the bann or arl to whom it pays allegiance. Typically, this choice is made based on proximity of the freehold to the lord’s castle, as it’s rarely worthwhile to pay for the upkeep of soldiers who will arrive at your land too late to defend it. For the most part, each generation of freeholders casts their lot with the same bann as their fathers did, but things can and do change. No formal oaths are sworn, and it is not unheard of, especially in the prickly central Bannorn, for banns to court freeholders away from their neighbors, a practice that inevitably begins feuds that can last for ages.

  • Amaranthine - Bann Dougal Costigan
  • Blackwood - Bann Ciaran Ainsley
  • Dragon's Peak - Bann Sighard
  • Edgewater - Bann Malone Kincade
  • Emdale - Bann Jacob Addison (executed for treason 10-15 9:31 Dragon Age)
  • Lostwhithiel - Bann Siorus Cadigan
  • Lothering - Merten Knef
  • Mimel - Bann Hawthorn
  • Rainesfere - Bann Breanna Guerrin
  • Silvercrest - Bann de'Thain
  • Snowscrest – Bann Theodore Foote
  • Stonewar - Formerly Bann Constance Yorath
  • Waking Sea - Bann Alfstanna
  • Wolfshead Harbor – Bann Elena Balston


The term for any land-owner in Ferelden is Freeholder.

  • Ironbrook
  • Bellwood - held by Dougal Costigan
  • Stormgard - held by the Darrow Family

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