Biographical information Photo
Name: Fergus Cousland (Male)
Date of Birth (Age): Cloudreach 11, 9:3. (31.)
Place of Birth: Highever.
Home: Highever
Occupation: Teyrn of Highever
Misc: Associations/Other important information
Languages: Common Tongue, Antivan, and some Orlesian.
Character Profile: Character Profile
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 6'1.
Weight: 220.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Other: Fergus has large covering a good portion of his abdomen and down his left hip and leg from his wounds at Ostagar. He also keeps a well trimmed goatee.
Marital Status: Widower
Spouse N/A
Children Riane Eleanor Cousland
Mother Eleanor Cousland
Father Bryce Cousland
Siblings Aedan Cousland
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Important Events
  • Sinews of Thy Heart - 3 Drakonis 9:34. Teagan and Breanna arrive in Highever to offer their condolences after Rae's death.
  • The Cave - 6 Cloudreach 9:34. Fergus and Nathaniel renew their friendship and discover new things about one another.
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  • Nathaniel Howe - Oldest and closest friend. Spelunker.
  • Teagan Guerrin - One of Fergus' strongest supporters.
  • Breanna Guerrin - Though they are recently acquainted, Fergus hopes they develop a strong friendship.
  • Alistair Theirin - The king is closer to Fergus' brother, than the Teyrn himself but they have shared laughs and confidence in the past.
  • Aedan Cousland - Brother. Their relationship continues to have its ups and downs. With Aedan's disappearance it currently resides permanently in a downswing.