Set just off the market square in the Market District of Denerim, Josephine's bakery is the closest you will come to Val Royeaux within the jewel of Ferelden. The proprietor, Josephine and her husband, Bernard, established themselves in Denerim fifteen years ago and brought their love of baking with them. The glass front of the store displays a single table on one side of the door and the day's bread on the other side. Within you will find an array of treats ranging from more exotic breads to pastries and tarts. A narrow hall leads to a rear courtyard furnished with intimate table settings of wrought iron gathered beneath a brightly coloured awning. The courtyard is quiet and private.

Josephine also serves as a conduit for more private communication between Denerim, The Dales and Val Royeaux. While her connection with the underground network of bards and assassins in the Dales is tenuous at best, those that know her, or who can prove their worth may avail themselves of her services.