OOC InformationEdit

The Landsmeet will start on August 1 (IC date 1 Drakonis). Nobles can plan to arrive in Denerim during the IC week preceding the gathering.

The participation at the Landsmeet will be limited to PC nobles, invited non-nobles, and NPC nobles. There will be no exceptions (e.g., forget about your plans to crash the Landsmeet).

Threads in the Landsmeet may occur concurrently with threads set at other times.

All of the issues to be raised in the Landsmeet have predetermined outcomes discussed among the moderators and the parties most involved in each issue. These outcomes will not be revealed in advance.

Nobles may interact with each other outside of the official Landsmeet threads and, in fact, are encouraged to do so.


The issues to be discussed are as follows:

  1. To be revealed
  2. Petition from the Teyrn of Highever for allowance to marry Rae Caoileann, an elf of Denerim's Alienage, and appoint her as Teyrna
  3. State of the darkspawn threat

For each of these issues, there will be a thread in which nobles may discuss the situation or their concerns. Nobles may choose to appear in TWO threads in addition to the threads they MUST appear in due to the topic of discussion. A list of the threads and the spaces available will be posted in advance on the wiki and will be open on a first come, first served basis. Nobles will need to sign up for the threads in which they want to participate.

Each thread will be allowed five rounds of discussion.

Once these five rounds have been concluded, it will be assumed all nobles vote on the matter at hand, and the outcome will be revealed in a separate thread. The one exception to this will be the thread regarding the darkspawn threat, as it does not have a decision required.

Nobles may have unofficial Landsmeet threads, where they discuss issues in advance, or as a follow-up to the main discussions. The official threads are the only part of this event that will be moderated.

Moderator's RoleEdit

The moderator for this event will be Rae Caoileann. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact her.

Her role in this event will be to NPC the Landsmeet Crier who will start and end IC threads and announce the results for each issue.


Nobles may sign up below to indicate which Landsmeet threads they would like to participate in, up to TWO in addition to the threads they must appear in due to the topic. Threads will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

To be revealedEdit

Malone Kincade
> Fergus Cousland
>Calen Driskell
> Phyllida Wulff

Petition from the Teyrn of Highever for allowance to marry Rae Caoileann, an elf of Denerim's Alienage, and appoint her as TeyrnaEdit

Fergus Cousland
Rae Caoileann
> Roderick Yorath
> Constance Carringstone
>Calen Driskell

State of the darkspawn threatEdit

Aedan Cousland
> Phyllida Wulff
> Nathaniel Howe