Name: Lisim

Race: City Elf

Age: Early 60's

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Denerim Alienage

Height: 5'1

Weight: 100 lbs.

Marital status: Widowed

Class: Rogue

Specialization: None

Organization: Denerim Alienage Orphanage

Companion(s): Roughly 20 children at any given time along with 2 other female elven workers, the occasional tutor for the children, and a human Teryn Cousland left in charge of seeing to the orphange's needs.

Hair: Iron grey hair pulled back into a bun to stay out of the way and keep the younger children from grabbing it.

Eyes: Chocolate brown.

Weapons: Old crossbow kept in the kitchen high up where the children can't get to it.

Usual Garments/Armor: Lisim almost always wears an apron and wears normal clothes for a commoner.

Inventory: utility knife, poultices, and a first aid kit are never far from Lisim's fingers.

Basic Skill(s): Reading, writing, accounting, cooking, basic home repair.

Trade Skill(s): Intermediate Tailoring, Master Herbalism, Expert first aid.

Combat Skill(s): Sustained Abilities: Stealth, Stealthy Item Use, Combat Stealth, Rapid Shot, Aim

Passive Abilities:

Activated Abilities: Dirty Fighting, Below the Belt, Pinning Shot, Crippling Shot

Personality Description: Lisim is a very caring individual who always has room in her house for one more. She has a soft spot for the underdogs and trouble makers but does not tolerate such things on her property. She is not above using force or her husband's old crossbow to make people listen to her either. In the end though she is fiercely dedicated to her children, even the grown ones like Rae and Kali. Lisim does not see race as any reason to not do something and is considered odd for this given that most her age still disagree with human and elves having romantic relations. Lisim, believes that people should be happy first.

Lisim lost her family to the civil war, sickness, and darkspawn of the Blight. Instead of letting this get her down she gathered others who had lost their families but couldn't support themselve. Her and Kali then reinstated the Alienage Orphanage though. It was however difficult due to the lack of money, leading Kali to support it through criminal means while Lisim tried to get a sponsor to financially support them. Fergus Cousland heard about the place via his relationship with Rae. After buying the land the old place was built on from Lyle he gave it to Lisim and has become their sponsor. This is leading to the children becoming far more educated and likely to get better jobs then most elves in the alienage would when they come of age.