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Lucian is a former templar who was conscripted into the Grey Wardens in 32 Dragon.

Please note: Lucian is an NPC for the Wardens and every attempt should be made to write him consistently. Following is an account of his characteristics and relationships with other Wardens.


1) He is not harassing mages, Warden or otherwise. He was a dick, but like a good wine, he's mellowed. He may have engaged in a little Nancy Drewing around the Keep when it came to mages when he first joined the Order, but that did not last long. Nathaniel put a stop to it less than a month into Lucian's time as a Warden.

2) He does have a strange weakness for Moat even though he is not the father of her baby. He pretends he is.

3) He has accepted that he is a Warden and NOT a templar any longer. This means there is no me against them attitude portrayed. That said, he does get a little bit excited at being able to hunt apostates with the WCs permission. Blood mages and abominations are bad, yo.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Nathaniel HoweEdit

Did not care for him at first but has grown to respect the man as his Commander. He does not agree with some of Nathaniel's decisions, but is pleased with his orders to search the forests for apostates.


Respects him as a Warden and a healer but still has issues getting past the mage thing. He keeps these feelings to himself.


Absolutely loathed him, having tried to kill the Chaisnd. He's since gotten over those feelings and has a sort of bro-hatemance with him.


Smug at first about her, just KNOWING Figs wasn't getting it on with Anders. Then there was anger, residual feelings from his time as a templar. Now, he kind of likes her, though he'd never admit it. She also weirds him out a bit after appearing in his bedroom drunk.


She's made no effort to conceal her dislike of him. He's kept his feelings about her mostly tamped down and does not look forward to partnering with her when so assigned. Her romance with Devlin makes Lucian feel her a bit of a hypocrite.

Ser RikkardEdit

The templar that was conscripted alongside Lucian, but died in the Joining. They were better friends than he cares to publicly admit.


Was saved from death by the elf. Resenting her for depriving him of a death alongside his fellow templars, he chased her like a hound, driving the elf from her clan but never finding the woman. Life as a Warden ended his pursuit and he never learned of her fate.

Plots and ThreadsEdit

30 DragonEdit

Breaking the Rules -- Lucian hunts a blood mage that Fiagai is attempting to save.

32 DragonEdit

33 DragonEdit