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Quick FactsEdit

  • Name: Marius Whitby
  • Birthdate: 16 Cloudreach, 9:03
  • Class: Rogue (dual-wielding)
  • Occupation: Grey Warden
  • Former occupation: Thief
  • Relationship status: Widower
  • black and white art created by merwild
  • color art created by psdo

Changes to ProfileEdit

  • Marius's mother, Anne, moved to Amaranthine following the death of her husband, Robert. Shortly before Marius's wife Sybil fell ill and passed away, Anne moved to Redcliffe. She regrets moving so far from her son, but it made it easier for Marius to leave Amaranthine and join the wardens.
  • On 8 Justinian 34 Dragon, Marius became a Grey Warden after he underwent the Joining and survived.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

  • Marius met and fell in love with Sybil, a cook at the keep. They were married in a small ceremony, and spent many happy days together until a sudden illness claimed Sybil's life in 34 Dragon.
  • Guard-Captain Penelope Bridge broke his nose the first time he talked to her. On 18 Harvestmere, Marius was forced to reveal his thieving past to her. She did not fire him, and he's working hard to gain her trust again.
  • Marius and Adara Carey met soon after he came to Vigil's Keep. During a night of drunkeness, Marius proclaimed she was an honorary Whitby and admitted he considers her to be his sister.
  • When Marius first arrived in Amaranthine, he stopped at a seedy bar and had a bit of drunken fun with a women he'd just met. He stole her purse and woke up with her knickers around his neck. On 26 Harvestmere, he discovered that woman was none other than Kahrin Quirke , an acquaintance at the Keep. The two have since struck up a friendship.
  • Marius met Carver Hawke the night he caught his old friend Lucia breaking into the storeroom. The two seem to get along alright, when Marius isn't talking the big warden's ear off.

Random FactsEdit

  • Marius knew William Thompson (captain of the Maker's Mast) when Will was a young thief in Denerim. They haven't seen each other in many years.
  • He likes to talk. A lot. Sometimes it gets him into trouble, but he does it anyway.
  • Marius is a little self-conscious of his large nose, especially now that it's been broken a few times.

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