Biographical information Photo
Name: Nathaniel Howe (Male)
Date of Birth (Age): Cloudreach 15, 9:03 (30)
Place of Birth: Amaranthine, Vigil's Keep
Home: Amaranthine, Vigil's Keep
Occupation: Warden-Commander of the Grey

Arl of Amaranthine

Misc: n/a
Languages: Orlesian, Antivan, some Tevene
Character Profile:
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 6'
Weight: 195
Hair: Black/Brown-Black
Eyes: Flint grey
Other: Scars on left hip, lower back and right shoulder
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse Fiona (Costigan) Howe
Children Eunice
Mother Elaine Howe
Father Rendon Howe
Siblings Thomas (dead). Delilah Pierce
Profile Updates
  • Nathaniel recently lost his best friend, Fiagai during an expedition to the Deep Roads.
Important Events
  • Cauthrien MacLean - Warden-Constable and second in command of the Fereldan Grey Wardens. Recruited into the wardens by Nathaniel and is his closest adviser
  • Constance Yorath - Mother to his nephew, Peter, and Teyrna of Gwaren and bethrothed to the King.
  • Fergus Cousland - Oldest and closest friend. Spelunkee. His, Fergsephone.
  • Aedan Cousland - Conscripted Nathaniel. Later appointed Nathaniel Arl of Amaranthine and Warden-Commander. Friendship is currently strained
  • Teagan Guerrin - "Guerrin" to his "Howe". Voted most likely to punch Nathaniel at next Landsmeet
  • Oghren - Fellow warden and close friend, though not as close as in in the past
  • Fiona Howe - (deceased) Killed during a mugging in 9:33 in the city of Denerim
  • Fiagai - (deceased) Grey Warden and Nathaniel's lieutenant at Vigil's Keep. Best friend in wardens. Murder juice accomplice.
  • Guardsman Henry - (NPC) Nathaniel's personal guard. He has worked at Vigil's Keep for almost 20 years.
  • Ser Brendan Shippard - The only knight serving Vigil's Keep. Tried to kill Nathaniel once so he made him a Knight
  • Penelope Bridge - Now Penelope Shippard and Guard-Captain of Vigil Keep