Nevarra is a nation of Thedas It was originally one of the larger Free Marchescity states, but has aggressively expanded over the last two centuries to become a power to rival Orlais.

Cultural DifferencesEdit

The major difference between Nevarra and the rest of Thedas is how they deal with the recently deceased. Whilst Nevarra are still followers of the Chantry of Andraste they do not cremate their dead like the rest of Thedas. Instead they build large tombs that rival the largest manors that become a series of catacombs. These catacombs contain everything one would need to live full lives, including food, furniture and bathroom facilities. These halls remain deserted as they are only for the dead and it is extremely disrespectful to the Nevarrans should a living person enter after the tomb door has been closed. Outside Nevarra City is an area where these tombs are built. This area is called the Necropolis and is forbidden to all but those attending a funeral.


  • Nevarra City: The capital city of Nevarra is also called Nevarra, and is located in the middle of the nation.
  • Cumberland: A city on the Minanter River, giving it access to trade with the rest of the Free Marches and beyond. Over the last century, Cumberland has taken advantage of this to expand into one of the largest on Thedas. Also where the glittering College of Magi is located.


  • Hunter's Fall
  • Trevis
  • Calmen Brea
  • Nessum
  • Perendale (In 8:70 Blessed, a war between Nevarra and Orlais over the control of the western hills around Perendale results in Nevarran victory. However, Orlais proceeds to sow dissent and rebellion among the locals in Perendale, who resent Nevarran rule)

Characters from NevarraEdit

Flinn De'Lora