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In addition to the familiar locations in Orlais, new places have been added relating specifically to some character's backgrounds. Below is a list of new and old locations.

Map of Orlais

Map of Orlais

Orlais, or the Orlesian Empire, is currently the most powerful nation in Thedas. Val Royeaux is the capital of Orlais, and home to the Chantry. Orlais is ruled by Empress Celene I. Amongst its previous rulers were Emperor Reville and Emperor Florian. It was founded by Emperor Kordillus Drakon, the man who established the Chantry. A century ago, Orlais conquered Ferelden, but was expelled 30 years ago by King Maric.


  • Val Royeaux - Capital
  • Montsimmard
  • Val Chevin
  • Val Foret
  • Val Firmin
  • Montfort
  • Arlesans
  • Ghislain
  • Churneau
  • Lydes
  • Verchiel
  • Halamshiral
  • Mont-de-grace
  • Jader - Nearest major Orlesian city to Ferelden


Characters from OrlaisEdit