WV Rae Caoileann by MiliaTimmain

Character ProfileEdit

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Significant Recent EventsEdit

  • Rae is involved in a serious relationship with Teyrn Fergus Cousland.
  • After a fire was set in Rae's apartment as a result of her relationship with Fergus, she was shunned by the elders of the Alienage in order to keep the rest of the community safe. (Threads: Ashes, Tearing Down, Building Up)
  • On 25 Harvestmere, Rae interrupted an assassination attempt on Fergus by her good friend, Kalindra Sarden. She was stabbed instead, and nearly died. (Thread: Bleeding and Broken Hearts)

Changes to AppearanceEdit

  • Rae has a black tattoo of intricate, swirling lines stretching across her upper back from shoulder to shoulder. (Thread: Tearing Down, Building Up)
  • She has a subtle scar on the left side of her face, reaching across her jawline up onto her cheek. (Thread: Akimbo)
  • Rae wears a steel ring on her left hand ring finger, embossed with the blue laurel leaves of the Cousland family. (Thread: A Promise Given Form)


Past ThreadsEdit

Kingsway, 9:31 DragonEdit

  • Misunderstandings: Rae awakens in the Palace after dinner the previous night with Fergus, confused and conflicted.
  • Possibilities: Fergus pursues Rae to the Alienage to try to convince her to explore the possibilities between them and to invite her to the Remembrance Day Ball.
  • What Not to Wear to the Palace: Leliana takes Rae shopping.
  • The Remembrance Day Ball:
Silver Laurel and Unadorned Steel
Second First Impressions
An Introduction Continued
A Different Dance
A Late Night
  • Ashes: Rae is startled awake by someone setting her apartment on fire, then left adrift when the Alienage community abandons her.
  • Akimbo: Rae spars with Andy at the Palace in Denerim.
  • Lean On Me: Aedan brings Fergus back to the Palace, falling-down drunk, and Rae lets the younger Cousland know just what she thinks of him.
  • Muddled Rae and Fergus discuss his drinking.

Harvestmere, 9:31 DragonEdit

  • Burdened: Rae and Andy have an encounter on the road to Highever.
  • Partners: Rae and Ferren discuss their relationships with their respective partners.
  • Doubt: Rae and Fergus argue about his drinking problem.

Firstfall, 9:31 DragonEdit

  • Small Miracles: Rae awakens after being unconscious for nearly a week following the events of Bleeding and Broken Hearts.
  • Shades of Grey: Rae experiences the aftermath of trying to push herself too far, too quickly.
  • Prescription: Mysaria informs Rae that she should take some precautions.
  • Songless: Rae confronts Kali for the first time after the assassination attempt.
  • A Snowy Day: Rae meets Sulevin, a Dalish elf originally from Highever.

Haring, 9:31 DragonEdit

  • Tea for Two: Rae visits Evelyn for their monthly tea date and meets Iain MacKinnon.
  • Unwind: Rae and Andy go out for dinner after sparring, and run into Linette.
  • My Sista's Got My Back: Rae and Jenna chat about the news in their lives.

First DayEdit

  • Stand By Me: Fergus promises Rae that the new year will bring big changes.

Wintermarch, 9:32 DragonEdit