Snowscrest Bannorn

Situated to the west of Lake Calenhad, Snowscrest village sits at the foot of a large mountain, slightly inlaid from the shore. Considered one of the more remote and unimportant bannorns, it is relatively small in both scale and meager military force. Local storytellers like to spin a tale that the village was founded by a pair of mages who fled across Lake Calenhad from the Circle Tower, though there is not likely any truth to this story. Like many places, most of the population of Snowscrest are farmers though carpentry and other woodworking skills are also fairly common.

The Foote FamilyEdit

Snowscrest Bannorn has been helmed by the Foote family since the village was founded. Their home, Snowscrest Lodge, is a large manor situated only slightly up the mountain from the rest of the village. Generally regarded well by the villagers, the Foote Family have historically been very hands-on with the running of things. The Foote family heraldry is that of a white pinecone on a dark green banner.

  • Podric Foote: Deceased
  • Eloise Foote: Podric's wife. Born Eloise Denison, she is a politically motivated woman who lobbies strongly for Snowscrest.
  • Edric Foote: The oldest Foote child, Edric was set to inheirit the Bann. He died at the Battle of Ostagar. His widow and children were killed during the Blight when they fled for Gwaren.
  • Marjorie Foote: Second born, Marjorie died of a fever in 17 Dragon.
  • Josephine Foote: The third child, Josephine caused a scandal when she disappeared late in 17 Dragon, only a few months after her sister's death. She was largely believed to be dead until her reappearance at her sister's wedding in 33 Dragon.
  • Ruth Foote: Fourth born, Ruth was killed (Along with Edric's wife and children) during The Blight when they were fleeing for the safety of Gwaren.
  • Theodore Foote : Fifth born, Theodore is now the Bann of Snowscrest.
  • Charlotte Foote: The youngest Foote sibling, Charlotte currently lives in Denerim with her husband Brandel Costigan.


Snowscrest does most of it's trade with Redcliffe. The main export is timber, although specialty dairy products from the mountain-dwelling goats have recently become more popular. Goat's cheese from Snowscrest is considered some of the most delicious.