Highever final2

Castle CouslandEdit


  1. Ser Donovan Loras, Captain of the Guard of Highever
  2. Ser Iain MacKinnon
  3. Ser Andrew Banvard (Edgewater)
  4. Linette Botten, scout
  5. Diago Lucio, guard
  6. Serafina MacKinnon, squire
  7. Ryamir Ohtar, squire

Important NPCsEdit

Occupation Name Sex/Race Age Personality Important Notes
Seneschal Almaric Male, Human Late 30's Professional in all dealings Currently training Raelene
  • Seneschal - Almaric, Male Human, Late 30s. Professional in all dealings.
  • Head Cook - Gerfried, Male Human, Late 20s. Possessed with a strange sense of humor, goes by the nickname Gerry.
  • Head Maid - Connemara, Female Elf, Mid 30s. Runs a tight ship, but has a warm heart. Goes by Connie.
  • Knight: Ser Calvagh, Male Human, Early 30s
  • Knight: Ser Rhiannon
  • Knight: Ser Eavan
  • Page: Damien. 10 years old, neat blonde hair and mischievous brown eyes. Assigned to Ser Andrew. An orphan, adopted by a minor bann. A bright and charming boy, eager to please. Has an unusual birthmark on the back of his neck. Looks a bit like ‘666’.
  • Page: Charlie. (Nickname: Chucky) 13 years old, wild strawberry blonde hair and manic blue eyes. Assigned to Ser Eavan. An extremely playful fellow. Likes to wear stripey shirts and blue overalls, made by his aunt. Preferred weapon is an axe.
  • Page: Drew. 12 years old, blonde hair and brown eyes. Assigned to Ser Ivar. A quiet and conscientious girl. Personable, even if she is a little on the shy side. Has a thing for fire. There was an incident last year, something about a storage shed burning down.
  • Page: Henry. 8 years old, brown hair, brown eyes. Assigned to Ser Iain. Henry is a charismatic young fellow and comes across as quite charming. He is a little tense, however. He was sent to Highever in the wake of tragedy, he witnessed the death of his cousin.