The Wardens of Weisshaupt are intrigued by how the Blight ended in Ferelden, and rumors state that the First Warden may request either Alistair or Aedan's presence at the renowned

fortress in order to answer questions. The Wardens continue to hold the majority of political power in the region, which makes them a force whose potential impact should not be underestimated.

Free MarchesEdit

Refugees continue to pour into the Bannorn of Waking Sea, most from the city-state of Kirkwall in the Free Marches. Details about what occurred are scarce and unconfirmed, but it is apparent that the destruction was substantial and devastating. Bann Alfstanna is accepting the refugees for the time-being, but the additional inhabitants of Waking Sea will eventually put a strain on the resources for the Bannorn.


The Rivaini continue to struggle with the Qunari, who have created a settlement within Rivain's borders. Tensions are at a moderate level, though it would take very little to set off increased hostility.


As always, Antiva is brimming with internal political intrigue. The latest King to hold the throne has already survived two assassination attempts, and rumor has it that a bastard price waits in the wings to usurp power as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Tevinter ImperiumEdit

Ongoing Qunari skirmishes continue to strain the resources of the once-great Tevinter Imperium. Relations with Ferelden are somewhat strained due to the slaver operations that operated out of Denerim shortly before the end of the Blight.


Tired of the Assembly's inability to make decisions, and following several assassination attempts, King Bhelen is considering dissolving it and is conferring with the assembly less and less while building up his own army more and more. The noble houses are pitted against each other, and their King, and the dwarven capital appears to be on the brink of civil war.


Orlesian politics continue to be a hotbed of scheming and polite, underhanded battles for increased power and prestige. Since the end of the Blight, the Divine's influence has been felt even more forcefully in the nations with strong ties to the Andrastian Chantry.