The Vulgar Imp Inn is a cheap, yet moderately upscale inn located in the small waterfront town of Bord-de-Mer, a half-day's walk from Val Royeaux. The first floor contains a tavern complete with several tables and a bar, as well as a storage room and a kitchen. The second floor houses the rooms and a single wash room for bathing. The inn is located on the southwest corner of Bord-de-Mer, overlooking the Waking Sea.
Map vulimp

Vulgar Imp floor plan


  • 8 total guest quarters, meant for 1-2 people apiece
  • Tavern area that seats up to 42 people
  • Small rooms furnished with a simple, but comfortable bed and dresser
  • Low price for decent drink, food and shelter
  • Hitching posts in the back for guest horses and carts
  • Tap includes ale, mead, wine, water, and various local fruit juices.
  • Inn's staff includes:
    • Friendly innkeeper/owner (middle-aged human man)
    • Bartender (young adult human man - owner's nephew)
    • Waitress (young adult human woman - owner's daughter)
    • Kitchen staff (3 elves, all male; 1 human - female - owner's wife)
    • Night time guard (outside for hitching posts - young adult male elf)