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The BasicsEdit

  • Name: William Thompson
  • Birthdate: 8 Solace, 9:10
  • Class: Rogue (dual-wielding)
  • Occupation: Pirate
  • Former occupation: Thief
  • Relationship status: single

Quick FactsEdit

  • Will was a founding member of the Forgotten of Ferelden, a small ring of thieves made up of Denerim's youth.
  • He has advanced abilities in making and disarming traps, skills which were introduced to him by his father, and that he honed with some help as a teen on the streets.
  • Will is generally pretty quiet, but his time on the ship pulled him out of his shell a bit. He's more confident, and carries himself that way. People who knew him well in Denerim definitely notice the difference.

Relationships with CharactersEdit

  • Was taught how to pick locks and honed his skills with traps under the direction of Marius Whitby . They haven't seen each other since before the Blight.
  • Was involved with Linette Botten when they were members of the FoF. They were separated during the siege on Denerim and he figured her for dead and fled the city. He recently reconnected with her upon his return to the city, nearly four years later.
  • Will was friends with Maeva Omdal when they were both members of the FoF. He's since met up with her again since his return to the city.
  • Will met Josephine Foote at a dockside tavern on 11 Harvestmere, though he doesn't know her real name. They boned.

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