Biographical information Photo
Name: Zevran Arainai (Male)

Picture by Maya

Date of Birth (Age): A mystery for the times (Care to guess?)
Place of Birth: Antiva City
Home: Your bed
Occupation: Broma Brother and Antivan Crow
Misc: n/a
Languages: Orlesian, Antivan, some Tevene
Character Profile: Profile on WV
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Amber
Other: Tattoos on left side of face and over his body
Marital Status: Very single
Spouse Haha. No.
Children none that he knows of
Mother Elavan
Father ??
Siblings n/a
Profile Updates
None applicable.
Important Events
  • Alistair Theirin - As much as Zevran likes to tease Alistair (and he likes to tease him a great deal), the two are friends and there is very little he would not do for the King, including massage.
  • Leliana - During their time traveling together, Leliana and Zevran became friends or what he imagined a friend might be like. The concept was something foreign to him as one did not have true friends in Antiva amongst the Crows. The pair shared a quiet and unspoken understanding founded in the similarities of their pasts. While in Antiva, he discovered the Crows planned to kill Leliana. That coupled with a particularly odd gift of a belt compelled him against his better judgment to return to Ferelden and seek to save one of the only true friends he felt he had.
  • Aedan Cousland - Aedan decided to save Zevran after Zevran attempted to kill both Alistair and him. Zevran joined the Warden and his other companions throughout Ferelden in pursuit of ending of the Blight. Aedan and Zevran, while friends, are not extremely close. Immediately after the Blight ended and Alistair's coronation took place, Aedan released Zevran of his oath and bade his friend farewell.
  • Oghren - His fellow Broma brother.